Profit shares distribution


Instance Amount Limit
profit shares Unlimited sales exceeded specific period time 500 -
Receive profit shares For Referring New Member Signups 1 Maximum 250 times per month
profit shares for Publishing Products 5 Maximum 200 times per month

Profit shares for referring signups rule and regulations.

The referred visitor cannot be logged in / member on your website.
If the referred visitor hides their IP address or use a proxy that hides their IP, no Profit Shares.
Referred visitors that already have a cookie will not trigger payouts.
If a user is excluded, their referrals will not trigger any Profit Shares.
Visits to the login or register pages will not trigger Profit Shares for referring visits.

Signup referral will not be paid out until profile verification has been completed.

Profit shares for publishing products rule and regulations.

Profit shares are not awarded when a post is restored from the trash.

Profit shares are not awarded when shares have been awarded in the past.

Profit shares unlimited sales exceeded specific period time rule and regulations.

Profit shares will not be awarded for pending transactions. 

Profit shares for selling products are unlimited.

Receive profit shares For Each Yearly Anniversary Date

Each year members will receive profit shares.