Zombie Invasion


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Zombie Invasion video game

Zombie apocalypse is a style of fiction during which society collapses because of overwhelming swarms of zombies. Usually just a few people or small bands of survivors are left dwelling. In some variations, the rationale the lifeless rise and assault people is unknown, in others, a parasite or an infection is the trigger, framing occasions very like a plague. Some tales have each corpse rise, no matter the reason for loss of life, whereas others require publicity to an infection.

The style originated within the 1968 American horror movie Evening of the Residing Useless, which was directed by George A. Romero, who took inspiration from the 1954 novel I Am Legend by Richard Matheson. Romero’s movie launched the idea of the flesh-eating zombie and spawned quite a few different fictional works, together with movies, video games and literature.

Zombie invasion has been used as a metaphor for numerous modern fears, comparable to world contagion, the breakdown of society, and the top of the world. It has repeatedly been referenced within the media and impressed numerous fan actions comparable to zombie walks, making it a dominant style in widespread tradition. Destroy as many zombies as possible in this zombie survival game.

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